What I Did on My Summer Vacation, Part Two: Pubs for Cubs

When me and the fam were in Ireland on summer vacation we had a few pub lunches, as one does when in Ireland. I must say, Americans have a thing or three to learn from the Irish when it comes to full service lunch spots that can satisfy kids and their custodians in a civilized manner (i.e. serve nicely chilled milk, a well-poured pint, and some basic grub with equal skill). To explain these photos: the top one is from a no-name pub between Galway and Moher. The other from Foley’s in Inch, on the Dingle Peninsula, where we waited out a brief rainstorm, had a pint and a half, some fish and chips, and some creamy seafood chowder.


While my co-blogger Matthew in his Welsh environs might be jaded to such simple pleasures, for this Angeleno family who have to make do with nitrogen-charged cans of Guinness and fish tacos in lieue of a fresh pint and some fish and chips, it was simultaneously exotic and homey.

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