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I Spy With My Little Eye: Pie. In Cookie.

At Gastrokid we’ve been longtime fans of Cookie magazine (even before I started writing the ocassional non-food related story for them; and, full disclosure, they’re owned by the same company that publishes Bon Appétit, the exceptional magazine at which I’m … Continue reading

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Fernandez & Wells – A Little Haven of Spanish Lunch Heaven

Okay, so I’m on a major Spain kick right now….that 1080 book jump started the whole thing. Hence my Gastrodad joy at discovering two Spanish restaurant and deli discoveries during my current business trip to London. The first is Moro, … Continue reading

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Adventures in Goat Cheese, at $54 dollars a pound

My local cheese man Laurent Bonjour turned me on to a rare goat cheese from the french alps called Persille des Aravis. It’s 54 bucks a pound, meaning the little half wheel I bought ran 16 bucks, and took about … Continue reading

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Books we want – 1080 recipes from Spain

The Observer Food Monthly serves up a few offerings from a great new book (okay new in the English language at least): namely 1080 recipes – the bible of Spanish cooking. Penned by the mother/daughter team of Simone and Ines … Continue reading

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Monday Farmer’s Market Report: A Chard Day’s Night

Here in Southern California we’re stuck between the lingering produce of late summer (zucchini galore, respectable heirloom tomatoes, berries still good enough to eat straight from the carton) and that of early autumn (butternut squash, apples, beets) and we’re happy … Continue reading

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The Frugal Foodie Father: Price chopping lamb shopping

I finally had the guts to take the advice of my neighbor, a retired butcher, who told me you should only ever buy meat that’s on sale. The thinking is, it’s likely about to hit its expiration date, so has … Continue reading

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Bangers ‘n Mash – Second Week in School Comfort Food

Sometimes simple is best. All last week we were cooking up and eating out some yummy stuff. A bit of pork loin, a bit of Korean, even the banker – homemade spag bol with lots of Parmigianno Reggiano. But each … Continue reading

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Locally Sourced or Imported: Which Type of Kids’ Food is Better for the Environment?

Could it be better in terms of reducing carbon emissions to import some produce from developing nations rather than rely on locally-sourced products? That’s what super supermarket Tesco CEO Terry Leahy thinks and the UN is inclined to agree. We … Continue reading

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A Tale of Two Dinners

As if the first full week back at school weren’t difficult enough already, I decided to cook a full blown multi-component meal for dinner. On a Tuesday night. I can’t really explain why I decided to do something so gastronomical … Continue reading

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Ruminations on Messy Food

My wife and I were having a deep discussion this weekend (well about as deep as it gets when there are two under fives running riot at home) about the messiest food we feed our kids. I thought cous cous….with … Continue reading

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