Monday Market Report: End of Summer Overbuy

The reason there haven’t been many market reports in the past couple of months is that my wife’s been going. As a result, I haven’t had much exposure to the usual riches of my little farmer’s market that today overwhelmed me to the degree that I overbought like crazy. It was partially fueled by the knowledge that fall’s just around the corner and things are going to change, hence the surplus of the usual summer surplus. So what’d I get?

-chinese green onions, or that’s what I think the guy said they were. They look like little red onions attached to thick scallions. Mayble I’ll just treat these like shallots or something.

-a 1 dollar bag of squash blossoms. Female I think. They didn’t have a squash attached to them. I made a pizza out of these and have some left over for pasta or risotto.

-10 bucks worth of heirloom tomatoes: green zebra, cherokee, pineapple. I made a salad. I made a pasta sauce. I’ve got leftovers.

-two ears of corn: one wasn’t so yummy. the other was. I cut the kernels off the corn, dry roasted them in a pan without oil over high heat, and tossed them with some heirloom tomatoes, time, lemon juice, olive oil, salt, pepper, and called it a salad.

-baby greens: arugula, red leaf, and otherwise. they went in the tomato and corn salad too.

-green beans. will roast at high heat with olive oil, salt, and pepper.

-figs: green and black. have been eating consantly since. recipe to come later in the week. Might just be: eat figs.

-plums. will eat.

-zucchini. will grill.

-red peppers. grill.

-eggs. obvious.

-I forgot to buy broccoli. My wife’s disappointed. My kids aren’t.

-stay tuned for recipes.


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  1. malika says:

    Figs: cut a slit in the side, stuff with goat or blue cheese, wrap in prosciutto, grill until cheese melts. Can add a piece of walnut, too. Perfect if you can get the prosciutto just a little crisp before the fig gets too soft.

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