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Monday Market Report: End of Summer Overbuy

The reason there haven’t been many market reports in the past couple of months is that my wife’s been going. As a result, I haven’t had much exposure to the usual riches of my little farmer’s market that today overwhelmed … Continue reading

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UK Government Warns Parents of Hyperactive Kids to Junk the Junk Food Diet

The UK government’s food watchdog, the Food Standards Agency issued a stark warning to parents today, citing a new academic report in the Lancet that looks at the relationship of kids food to hyperactivity in children. The report showed a … Continue reading

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Pica Kids’s Food: Is a Meal Spicy if You Don’t Tell Them It Is?

We all went out for an impromptu lunch today to a new Portuguese/Mediterranean joint in our neighbourhood. The adults ordered the Pollo Piri Piri – a fiery little number involving bell peppers and red chiles…..boy was it good. The Gastrokids … Continue reading

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Making a Mint

It was hot here in Los Angeles over the long weekend. 108 degree hot. Stuttering power grid hot. The ants were invading the house to escape the heat kind of hot. Moths and grasshoppers napped in the shade of our … Continue reading

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