Ruminations on Messy Food

My wife and I were having a deep discussion this weekend (well about as deep as it gets when there are two under fives running riot at home) about the messiest food we feed our kids.

I thought cous cous….with its Big Bang propensity to propel each grain to the farthest corners of our dining room had to be a winnner.

But then my wife Jowa played the trump card – porridge in the morning and its fast coagulating Alien-like ability to cement itself to anything it comes into contact with.

Small grains or thick lumps? Those are our messy food nightmares….what are yours?

- Matthew

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4 Responses to Ruminations on Messy Food

  1. Jenny says:

    I’m going to say blueberries or cherries…because you don’t always notice they’ve been transported to other parts of the house…and while they’re okay when they’re all nicely self contained, if they’re squished – well – look out! They have tremendous staining capability!
    I’d agree with you and say couscous is a close second, though. Porridge seems okay because it dries in the shape in which it fell – so it’s therefore easier to pick up somehow.

  2. matthew says:

    oh yes….the berries I forgot about the damage they can cause. I’ll add raspberries to that list – my daughter can keep one mushed up in her paw for hours and then spread it over my white shirt!

  3. Kim says:

    Prior to having kids, couscous was a staple in our household. After a few messy attempts to feed it to our toddler, we had about 6, no make that 8-year ban on it.

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