UK Government Warns Parents of Hyperactive Kids to Junk the Junk Food Diet

The UK government’s food watchdog, the Food Standards Agency issued a stark warning to parents today, citing a new academic report in the Lancet that looks at the relationship of kids food to hyperactivity in children.

The report showed a clear link between food products containing certain E-numbers and
hyperactivity or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in children.

"Scientists from Southampton University recorded the responses of 153
three-year-olds and 144 eight to nine year-olds to mixes of additives
placed in different drinks; they found that artificial food colour and
additives were having ‘deleterious effects’", writes the Guardian, adding: "The study found that the deterioration in behaviour after consuming the
additives occurred in children in the general population, not just in
those identified as suffering from hyperactivity".

Now perhaps it’s a no-brainer to most of us that junk food, packed with chemical additives is unhealthy for our kids but this new report could well be the vanguard of new European legislation regulating the just what additives can be placed in kid’s food.

- Matthew

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One Response to UK Government Warns Parents of Hyperactive Kids to Junk the Junk Food Diet

  1. nicole says:

    If only the US cared more about truths such as these. As long as money is linked (to junk food and medication to treat kids with ADHD), these studies will not be backed by the USDA. Thank you for posting it!

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