A Toast to French Toast

My wife has gotten into the fine and homey habit of making French toast for my daughter every morning (my boy, despite his brown food adoration, passes it up most of the time). And she makes it an easy proposition by whisking up a batch of the egg mixture every few days and storing it in the refrigerator. Along with a smoothie, it’s an amazing foundation for the day. And I know that the kids (and myself) appreciate that comforting smell of melting butter and sweet spices in the morning.

Fast French Toast
Excuse the lack of measurements. It’s that kind of recipe.

several eggs
a bit of milk
a pinch of salt
vanilla extract (some fancy kind)
[ed’s not: i’d throw in a couple hits of freshly grated nutmeg]

Mix it. Dip the bread (preferably something leaning toward a whole wheat). Cook it up in butter. Serve with Grade B maple syrup. The grade B is darker and has more flavor than the grade A. Plus, it tends to be a bit cheaper.

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5 Responses to A Toast to French Toast

  1. Jeff says:

    Yum! Thanks for the tip…going to give this a try soon. Something the kids can easily help with as well, which is a big plus.

  2. Bob King says:

    My kid will ALWAYS eat french toast. I use the same recipe, I also make a few extra slices, it keeps in the well fridge and heats easy in the toaster.
    I have also heard that grade B maple syrup is more rich in nutrients.

  3. ward 1 says:

    Try a little grating of orange rind. Also, on weekends, I whip up the egg mixture the night before, soak rounds of stale, or not, french/italian bread in it overnight in refridgerator. Next morning, preheat oven to 400, lay nice soft eggy rounds of bread on a greased cookie sheet, and bake for c. 10 minutes a side. Really great, really easy. Read the newspaper while it’s cooking!

  4. Tim says:

    I make French toast every other day for my kids. Our secret is to thick bread and not just dip the bread into the egg/milk/vanilla mixture, but soak it. Fry in butter over fairly high heat to crisp the outside while the inside remains mushy and eggy. The best.

  5. joanne says:

    My 4 year old son, who only eats tan food for fear he’ll turn the color of whatever he eats, lives on french toast. I use Pepperidge Farm cinnamon bread just to up the flavor. Little does he know that he’s basically getting scambled eggs and toast with each serving. :)

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