Cornflake Chicken Fingers – Breakfast and Dinner In One Meal

Here’s an old school favourite, straight from my wife Jowa’s grandma’s recipe.

We’re talking chicken fingers breaded not with breadcrumbs – so messy, so much hassle – but with cornflakes.

It’s so simple it’s genius and, what’s more, it’s a lighter, crunchier, and tastier version of every kid’s fav.


Prep and execution couldn’t be simpler.

Cut the chicken breasts into strips (natch)

Crush a breakfast bowl full of cornflakes.

Whisk an egg and set aside to help bind the flakes to the chicken.

Dip the strips in the egg and then the cornflakes.

Bake for 15 minutes on 350 F….until the chicken is cooked and the flakes are crispy.

Serve with a healthy green (don’t worry your kids won’t notice they’re eating it, they’ll be too transfixed on the chicken fingers).

Oh….don’t forget the ketchup.

One final thought. When I was a kid my nan would threaten me with serving up my dinner for breakfast if I didn’t eat it then and there. This dish strikes me a delicious kids’ revenge!

- Matthew

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One Response to Cornflake Chicken Fingers – Breakfast and Dinner In One Meal

  1. Lori N says:

    I do a variation on this since my child has an egg allergy – dunk the chicken in buttermilk instead. Yum!

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