Curly Kale – Superfood

The Guardian’s food blog reckons curly kale is the new superfood, "nature’s fast food" no less, packed with "six times more calcium than broccoli and high in vitamins A and C".

The paper raves:

"100g of the cooked leaves provides over half (55%) of the recommended
daily allowance of vitamin C – the antioxidant that helps to protect
the body from free radicals. It also contains seven times as much
Vitamin A as cooked broccoli."

So far so good….we agree with all of that, not to mention that’s curly kale is pretty damn tasty when sauteed with either garlic or even a touch of red wine vinegar.

But here’s the bit that confuses me.

The Guardian reckons that curly kale is something new to the UK and "will hit the shops in the next few days."

They must just mean in big supermarkets as we’ve been eating the stuff from our local farmers’ market for a few years now.

- Matthew

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4 Responses to Curly Kale – Superfood

  1. Wendy says:

    I found a way to get my 3 year old to eat raw kale!
    We wash it, tear it up, then massage it with olive oil in a bowl. The massage (for lack of a better word) softens it and is an important step. Adult may like it at this point with just a little fresh lemon juice squeezed on. But to make it sweet and delicious, either mash in a really ripe mango, or drizzle it with Trader Joe’s pomegranate sauce … which is one of the best condiments EVER. Good antioxidants and no added sugar.
    We use organic, locally grown kale (sometimes from our yard, if I’m on the ball enough to grow it – very easy to grow). This may be better tasting than conventionally grown.
    I’ve also ground up kale in the food processer and baked it into cookies (with white chocolate chips and cranberries) and brownies. Hey, if they’re going to eat dessert, they may as well get a big dose of veggies also!

  2. Courtney says:

    Found your site via the Times and had to share my new favorite kale preparation — oven roasted! Rip out the backbone, coat lightly in olive oil, season with a touch of salt and pepper then roast at around 425 for 10 minutes on each side. It comes out crunchy like potato chips and it ridiculously addictive. No kids of our own to test drive compatibility, but my carb loading hubby can’t stop going back for seconds!

  3. expatchef says:

    Here is a recipe for the crispy kale ( I don’t use pepper, but coarse sea salt. As far as kid-tested, my toddler grabs the bowl and runs off with it so she can eat them all. Have to turn them once during cooking to get them real crisp. Couple other greens recipes are on the same page as well.

  4. Donna says:

    My two year old loves kale. He’ll eat it with cous-cous and lentils. I’ve never tried to feed it to him raw but I’m going to try it.

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