Family Meals are Best for a Healthy Kid’s Diet Say Scientists

Here at Gastrokid we’ve long preached the benefits of eating together as a family (saving the world one family meal at a time is our unofficial motto).

So it’s good to see that now we have science on our side. Researchers from the University of Minnesota recently looked at the effect of TV dinners on children’s diets and were surprised to find that watching TV didn’t adversely affect diet. What made the difference was if the family ate together or not.

Writes the New York Times:

The research, published this month in The Journal of Nutrition
Education and Behavior, is the latest testament to the power of the
family meal. While many parents worry about what their kids are eating
ā€” vegetables versus junk ā€” a voluminous body of research suggests that
the best strategy for improving a childā€™s diet is simply putting food on the table and sitting down together to eat it.

But it probably also helps if you don’t turn your nose up at the Brussels’ sprouts.

- Matthew

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One Response to Family Meals are Best for a Healthy Kid’s Diet Say Scientists

  1. Christine says:

    I actually just finished reading this article myself … and of course patted myself on the back … I was interested to read further on something that confirmed my suspicions, however:
    “But as is the case with all studies that observe people over time, the big question is whether the family meal really leads to healthier habits. Could it be that kids from happier, more health-conscious families are simply more likely to sit down to a family meal?”
    I tend to think that there are a lot of factors present in a family that bothers to sit down to dinner together that can contribute. Although seeing what actually goes into your kids’ mouths can’t hurt :)

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