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A Toast to French Toast

My wife has gotten into the fine and homey habit of making French toast for my daughter every morning (my boy, despite his brown food adoration, passes it up most of the time). And she makes it an easy proposition … Continue reading

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Family Meals are Best for a Healthy Kid’s Diet Say Scientists

Here at Gastrokid we’ve long preached the benefits of eating together as a family (saving the world one family meal at a time is our unofficial motto). So it’s good to see that now we have science on our side. … Continue reading

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Introducing the Gastrokid Social Network

Check out all our new posts below but first… on join Gastrokid’s new social network…. One of the best parts of running Gastrokid for the last year has been the comments and enthusiasm for the site and our recipes posted … Continue reading

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Kid Friendly Restaurants of the World – Tummy Time

Slough, a little west of London, isn’t famous for a whole lot (aside from a certain John Betjeman poem) but boy does it having a great Gastrokid restaurant. Tummies has been serving since 1988 and we happened upon it this … Continue reading

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The Gastrokid High Heat Roasted Chicken

While I’m fully aware that skinless boneless chicken breast is perhaps the most flavorless, ill-textured animal protein on the planet, I’m a sucker for its convenience. But it seems half the recipes for anything involving chicken breast require the reloading … Continue reading

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Free to be You and Me (with anchovies). Or: Don’t Cook Down to Your Children

So I’m prepping a pizza, thinking I’d make it several ways, with three flavor zones to accomodate the various palates in our household: 3 year old Desmond would take the cheese-only spot. 6 year old Violet would get the sage … Continue reading

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Cornflake Chicken Fingers – Breakfast and Dinner In One Meal

Here’s an old school favourite, straight from my wife Jowa’s grandma’s recipe. We’re talking chicken fingers breaded not with breadcrumbs – so messy, so much hassle – but with cornflakes. It’s so simple it’s genius and, what’s more, it’s a … Continue reading

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Monday Farmer’s Market Report: Asian Pears V. Chinese Pears and Sunday Prep

This whole back to school fall thing is not stabilizing in our household, so we’ve had to get a bit more disciplined about our cooking schedule: lot’s of pre-prep of multipurpose dinner components that can be cooked up in batches … Continue reading

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Curly Kale – Superfood

The Guardian’s food blog reckons curly kale is the new superfood, "nature’s fast food" no less, packed with "six times more calcium than broccoli and high in vitamins A and C". The paper raves: "100g of the cooked leaves provides … Continue reading

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Back to Basics Backlash: Meatloaf

Maybe it’s a backlash against all the exoticism and internationalism and Mediterraneanist freshness that we’ve been habitually exploring in the kitchen at home, but my wife suddenly, out of the blue, made meatloaf. Turkey meatloaf. Not only did she make … Continue reading

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