Sweet Chili Riceworks – a Genuine Doritos Killer

Dylan had a friend Iwan round this afternoon for a playdate.

They’d just come home from school and proceeded to snack their way through most things in the house…..including this genius "whole grain brown rice, naturally gluten free, no preservatives, no stabilisers and no cholesterol" sweet chilli snack from riceworks.


It’s the sweet chilli flavor that makes these triangular rice chips such a success. Why? Because they have that addictive "just pour the whole bag down my throat" appeal of Doritos but without all the cra…..well you know what I mean.

Are riceworks chilli chips perfect? Probably not. But when it comes to snacking, they are a healthy and really tasty antidote to the normal chemical-laden alternatives.

- Matthew

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One Response to Sweet Chili Riceworks – a Genuine Doritos Killer

  1. Jeff says:

    Dorito killer! That’s exactly how I’ve been describing these. I found them at Costco, but I have a feeling they might not be there for long. I don’t know anywhere else to find them, which is too bad because they’re quite addictive.

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