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Garlic Prep with the Help of a Little Helper

Cooking with kids – especially when you have a demanding two-year old running around the kitchen – can be a nightmare. So the other night when I was making a vegetable stir-fry with zucchini, snap peas and red pepper, I … Continue reading

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Post Thanksgiving Latin Stewed Turkey Feast

I know it’s kinda late to be doing Thanksgiving leftover recipes and rest assured I cooked this one the day after the Thursday feast. We had a load of turkey left over (sound familiar?) and I wanted to do something … Continue reading

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Bacon Butter

Talk about a double whammy. A marriage of two, near-perfect fats. The kids and I caught that excellent New Scandinavian cooking show on PBS recently, and we were lulled into a most peaceful state thanks to the outdoor setting and … Continue reading

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Market Report: Stock Options

We’ve settled into the seaonal standards (brussels sprouts, black kale, squash, apples, pears) and are also faced with the standard challenge of needing to clean out the vegetable drawers each week to make room for the latest purchases from the … Continue reading

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I’m going to be honest here. Our loyal readers might’ve noticed a dearth of Thanksgiving posts around the same time last year. And you’ll notice a similar lack of such posts this year, at least from me. While Matthew might … Continue reading

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Serving Your Kids Wine With Dinner (Preteens Excluded)

Oh boy is it heating up over on the New York Times website after this blog post asking readers when should you serve wine to your children (if ever) and should you ever do it in a restaurant? To me … Continue reading

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Hold the Chocolate – Why Not “Hide” Green Veg in With Sweet Sauted Peppers Instead?

I know Hugh and I have harked on a bit about this whole Jessica Seinfeld clandestine cuisine idea….but that’s only because we think it is so damn stupid! But it has got me thinking a lot about the art of … Continue reading

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40-Minute Family Meal: Pancetta, Squash and Kale Risotto

Getting kids to eat butternut squash and Kale all in one dish? Easy when there’s pancetta and parmesan involved. This is a great Fall risotto and the squash really captures the season (if you’re baking in 80 degree heat you’ll … Continue reading

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Market Report: Beyond Brussel Sprouts, Via Pea Shoots’ Second Spring and a Very Berry Moment

It’s full blown Fall in much of the country, and a kind of neither-here-nor-there season in the farmers markes of Southern California. Our Autumns tend to be moderate, unsudden, and, it seems, confusingly spring-like to certain crops. Which is why … Continue reading

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Everything I Need to Know I learned From Men’s Magazines

In a world of increasingly voluminous useless information, I’ve always found men’s magazines to be refreshing in how they’re good at getting straight to the point. Combine that with the fact that I’ve always found Mark Bittman to be an … Continue reading

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