Candy Nation: the aftermath

Hurrah. We have successfully passed out the last of the peanut butter cups and m and ms. We’ve snuffed the jack o lanterns and extinguished the compact flourescent porch light. The kids are asleep. We’ve drained the last glass of chianti. And now we have some caramels and some m and ms and some tootsie rolls. I’m thinking we could just sub them in for chocolate chips in a standard chocolate chip cookie recipe. And that’s the limit of my culinary imagination when it comes to repurposing the leftover candy from Halloween. Thank you, dear readers, for your thoughts on how to make the candy disappear (at work, through gift exchanges, etc). Brilliant. But that got me thinking: is there any way of elevating the manufactured candies of the world by cooking with them? Are there baked goods good enough for a family to cook together? Are there any other ideas floating around out there for what to do with the excess? I”m not much of a baker, so any thoughts welcome. My demented culinary mind simply imagines melting and melding three kinds of candy into some pan-sauteed multicolored ever lasting gobstopper. But that’s more of a savory cook kind of idea. Brownies? Hmmm. There’s gotta be something else to do with this sucrose domestic product!

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  1. I know it’s getting cooler — but it’s never too cold for ice cream! Freeze the peanut butter cups, smash them up, and fold into home made vanilla bean ice cream.

  2. Freeze the peanut butter cups, then chop into little bits and fold into home made vanilla bean ice cream (or softened ice cream).

  3. taryn says:

    I was just reading this on slashfood before I checked out Gastrokid today. Seems like they have quite a few recipes:

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