Hold the Chocolate – Why Not “Hide” Green Veg in With Sweet Sauted Peppers Instead?

I know Hugh and I have harked on a bit about this whole Jessica Seinfeld clandestine cuisine idea….but that’s only because we think it is so damn stupid!

But it has got me thinking a lot about the art of masquerading healthy food into a fun tasty meal. No more so than the other night when I was trying to use some lonely leftover veg and had sugar snap peas, spinach and mushrooms at my disposal.

The obvious choice for me was a stir-fry medley but rather than resort to garlic (as I always do) I tried something different…..a combination of yellow and red bell peppers sauteed first in olive oil until they slightly caramelized.

Then I added the rest of my veg and smelled as it took on the sweetness of the peppers.

The kids ate most of it but Dylan spotted the spinach a mile off!

- Matthew

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