The 40-Minute Family Meal: Jamie Oliver-inspired Prawns with Sugar Snap Peas and Soybeans

Jamie Oliver’s family dinners cookbook was the inspiration for this quick and delish dish but we didn’t have the king prawns, mangetouts or butter beans he includes so we had to do quick recce through our fridge to come up with suitable replacements.


The resulting shrimp dish rocked…..but had a sting in its tail…read on.

My wife Jowa had that well-known 40 minute window between getting home and having the kids meltdown…never a pretty sight and one exacerbated by the fact that our youngest, Zelda, has embraced the terrible twos a few months early.

Anyway, this dish is perfect for such occasions as it is dead quick to make.

You’ll need:

Olive oil
20 medium sized prawns (already peeled if you want to make the 40-minute window)
1 fresh red chilli, finely sliced
a large smattering of sugar snap peas
half a cup of fresh green soy beans (edamame style)
20 Cherry tomatoes, halved
salt and pepper
a handful of cilantro
one lemon (for juice).

Heat a paella or 14-inch chef’s pan. Add olive oil and when hot add the prawns. Watch them go pink on one side then flip over and add the chili (or not…read on).

Add the snap peas then add a dash of water to the pan.  Cover with a lid or foil and steam for about one minute.

Remove the lid, add the soy beans and tomatoes then simmer for about five minutes. Add the cilantro and lemon juice and then serve with rice.

The dish was fantastic! Oh, and very spicy.

We didn’t realize at first but that single red chilli was a creeper and packed a real punch.

As Jowa and looked at each other and took another swig of Sauvignon Blanc, we nervously eyed our children – both looked like they had steam coming out of their ears!

"Spicy, spicy" exclaimed Dylan….doing his best to remain stoic under a high-heat taste assault.

Aaaaaaaaahhhhhh…….was all Zelda could muster as she pointed furiously at her mouth.

Spoonfuls of plain white rice saved the day followed by cups of milk – "it helps put out the fire," said Dylan.

For good measure, he poured his milk into the plain rice and ate it up that way.

The moral of this dish. Great for adults with the chilli. Leave it out for your Gastrokids.

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  1. Great recipe–thanks for sharing! I made a similar boo boo the other night with braised lentils. I had planned on having them as a family meal (with our one year old daughter), but had thrown in enough jalapenos to please our adult palettes. Woops.

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