When It’s Not About the Food but More About the Meal

Dylan has a new best friend….well, a son to be exact….a duck called Quacky (what you expected some other name?).

Quacky does everything every other sibling in the household does…and that includes taking part in family meals.


Luckily for the cooks in the house, Quacky’s culinary needs don’t extend past bread and water so far according to Dylan.

Pity us when we have to start preparing full-course meals for the newest member of our brood.

- Matthew

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3 Responses to When It’s Not About the Food but More About the Meal

  1. Jenn says:

    I hear you! It’s a fine line I walk between respecting the imaginary siblings and refusing to feed them. A bowl of cheerios and some water is about as far as I’ll go.

  2. Andrea says:

    Boy, can I relate to this one! Although thankfully little chef usually carefully prepares and serves wooden block food for the stuffed creatures to eat while we eat people food. Except Yellow Duck really does prefer to eat “quackers.” :)

  3. A very adorable dinner companion…
    For us it was Baby Watermelon (yes, a real one) that our 2 year old carried around the house and hugged and brought to the table for every meal. Her fascination stopped before the rot set in. We were very relieved.
    Baby Watermelon didn’t eat though, so no extra prep for us…she just watched us a lot.
    Looking forward to more adventures with…Quacky (good name).

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