40 Minute Family Meal – Chicken, leeks and mushroom tagliatelle

This is one of those "Oh it’s Saturday lunchtime and what are we going to feed the kids?" special.

We didn’t want to eat out and we didn’t want to go through the normal weekday soup and sandwich ritual.

So to the fridge I went and found……

One whole cooked chicken
four leeks
10 button mushrooms
a packet of fresh egg tagliatelle
white wine
thyme and oregano

And this is what I did:

First I stripped and shredded half the chicken and put it to one side. Then I chopped the leeks into small strips and did the same with the mushrooms.

Next I heated olive oil and added three cloves of garlic thinly sliced. Then I added the leeks and mushrooms and sauted the vegetables for about five minutes in the garlic oil.

I added the chicken, a quarter cup of white wine and a pinch of oregano and thyme. I continued sauteing for 10 minutes over a medium heat.

With just a few minutes to go I cooked the fresh egg pasta and when it was done (no more than three minutes) I poured about a quarter cup of the pasta water into the leeks, mushrooms and chicken.

I drained the pasta and added it to the "sauce".

The adults through a few red pepper flakes to the mix while the kids buried my dish in parmesan!

Not to worry, it all got eaten.

- Matthew

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One Response to 40 Minute Family Meal – Chicken, leeks and mushroom tagliatelle

  1. Sharon says:

    I love posts like this. Real people with real kids and an eclectic mix of foods in the fridge make a satisfying meal. Hooray!

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