Blue Cheese and Bacon Chicken Kinda Cordon Bleu

We’ve all been there – you’ve got to throw together a tasty meal in 40 minutes and all you’ve got is a few chicken breasts to play with.

That was our predicament this week but, luckily, we’d had a dinner party on the weekend and had some Danish Blue cheese left over. We also had some British bacon (the meaty kind like Canadian bacon).

And so the super-quick sorta Chicken Cordon Bleu was born.

First we cooked the bacon, then we patted the chicken breasts flat and pan fried them with a little olive oil. When they were cooked we put the bacon on the chicken and added the blue cheese on top. We popped the combination under the broiler to melt the cheese and served with broccoli and potatoes.

Start to finish 25 mins……and delicious.

- Matthew

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