Stokke – High chairs that grow with your child

For months when we had our youngest in a traditional high chair, she would stare jealously during meal times over at her older brother who we had ensconced in a fun, new wooden adjustable high chair.

Soon brother wanted out into an adult seat (even if he needed to kneel to eat his food). But this opened up an opportunity for his sister and she’s seized the hot seat ever since.

So I understand the appeal of Stokke’s Tripp Trapp – the so-called "chair that grows with your child".


In theory, these well-designed and stylish kiddie seats can be adjusted to meet the needs of kids aged 6 months through to adulthood.

In reality, peer pressure will no doubt dictate that your Gastrokid wants to graduate to a "big person" seat sooner rather than later.

But that just means you’ll have a cool extra adult dining chair for all the family to use.

- Matthew

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3 Responses to Stokke – High chairs that grow with your child

  1. Sharyn says:

    I have a Stokke highchair, and it’s wonderful. My one year old daughter seems to enjoy eating at the table with us (rather than being separated from the action by a big plastic tray). The chair looks great too, and people always comment on it when they see it. Another nice thing about it: it’s light enough to transport, so sometimes we take it with us to restaurants. Even though it’s sometimes inconvenient to lug the furniture around with us, the baby gets to sit in her own familiar, comfortable, and clean chair, which makes meals out that much more pleasant.

  2. We’ve got one of these too and absolutely love it. It’s been great having our daughter at the table with us for meals. When we were visiting a relative recently, she sat in one of the traditional models and it seemed all of us felt a bit disconnected at meal time.

  3. What a great design. Its good to know that it is light enough to take anywhere. One of our problems is when we go visit family and are always dealing with our fussy baby who can’t see the table. Thanks for sharing.

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