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How Much Food Do You Waste?

UK consumers throw away 6.7 million tonnes of food each year – that’s about 1/3 of the fresh food bought in British supermarkets each year. Yikes, that’s a food fact that I found hard to believe until I waded through … Continue reading

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Hold the Tuna….and the Mercury

Mmmm……just when you thought it was safe to introduce your children to the joys of sushi along comes a NYT report into the exceedingly high levels of mercury found in Manhattan tuna sushi/sashimi. Writes the NYT: Recent laboratory tests found … Continue reading

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Cookery Lessons Back on the Menu in English Schools

Whether it’s to do with fighting childhood obesity or just that all the celebrity chefs have made cooking a more identifiable career goal than medicine but the UK government have decided to make cookery classes (or home economics as it … Continue reading

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Ducks Vs. Pigs

We took some prosciutto to a party recently. The party was the blissful, adults-only kind; the kind where candles are perched, aflame, on low tables, unguarded; where spirits and unedited language flow freely; in other words the kind far too … Continue reading

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Gastrokid Gastrovid Recipe: Fast Bouillabaisse (aka Faux-abaisse)

The other day, my often hyper-picky 3 year old son Desmond expressed a desire for fish soup (he’d seen it on LIttle Bear) and I jumped at the chance to introduce him to something new and good. The fact that … Continue reading

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E Numbers Demystified

Is there anything more confusing than figuring out the effect E numbers in food could have on our kids? After all, with so many scare stories about unnecessary and dangerous additives in kids’ food you’d be excused for thinking every … Continue reading

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Gastrokidvid Recipe ABC: buttered cinnamon-sugar tortilla

It’s so easy it almost cooks itself. We use corn tortillas, but any will do. You’ll see I went a bit overboard with the cinnamon here, which Desi didn’t much like, but Vi loved it. —Hugh

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Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall’s Free Range Chicken Quest

Do you know where your last chicken came from? If it was free-range then breathe a sigh of relief. But if it was a supermarket bird then you might want to reconsider your dining options in the future. I write … Continue reading

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Gastrokid Gastrovid Recipe: Eggs de la Vera

Here’s a video recipe of our household’s favorite egg dish. It takes about 5 minutes from prep to serving. to serve two kids the recipe is: 4 eggs, beaten a tablespoon of butter about the same amount of olive oil … Continue reading

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40 Minute Family Meal – Anchovy Tomato Pine Nut Pasta

What follows is a bit of a culinary detective story. We spent a weekend at a friends’ house not too long ago. On arrival after a long child-frazzled car journey (sound familiar) our friends served an absolutely delicious spaghetti with … Continue reading

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