A Gastrokid Book and Update

Just in case you’ve been wondering why blogging life seems to have been a little slack here at Gastrokid….well, there’s lots of interesting stuff going on that now, finally, we can share with you.

First, we have a book deal with Wiley Publishing to write the Gastrokid cookbook. Hugh and I are very excited….and very busy trying to juggle work, home, the Gastrokid blog and hitting our book deadline!

Then there’s a fun new Gastrokid column that I am writing for the new Williams-Sonoma kids website. Check it out and let us know what you think.

Finally, a note about the Gastrokid social network. Yes, as we often do, we dived into the Gastrokid community with a lot of enthusiasm but not a lot of extra time to make it a success.

So for all of you who have joined the community so far and been a little underwhelmed we apologize. Here’s how we intend to make amends.

Starting next week, we’re going to put our community at the front and centre of Gastrokid.com by making the network our home page. You’ll still be able to read all our blog posts on that main page but hopefully, by highlighting the contributions of you the members of the Gastrokid community, we’ll attract new Gastroparents to the site and start building a truly collaborative site where we can all trade recipes, tips on picky eaters and ideas for great Gastrokid-friendly restaurants.

So get involved and tell your friends about Gastrokid. After 18 months, Hugh and I are enjoying Gastrokid more than ever. And we want you to enjoy it as much as we do.

- Matthew

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4 Responses to A Gastrokid Book and Update

  1. Jean says:

    Congratulations on the book and Williams-Sonoma gig! Those sound like great developments with the blog and social network. You might also consider building a gastrokid “lens” on squidoo — a web hosting platform for social networking sites. Here is a link describing the power of squidoo:

  2. Crumbs says:

    congrats – sounds like you’ve been busy. looking forward to seeing your projects!

  3. Jeff says:

    Wow! Congrats on all of this! Amazing work by you…best of luck with all of your projects.

  4. Kori Jones says:

    FYI any recipe that calls for braising can be done in a crock put the only secret is to reduce the amount of liquid.

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