Fungi foraging for the family

At $400 to $500 a pound, truffles are one of nature’s edible treasures. Rather than wasting your child’s time on board games like Life and Monopoly (both of which teach questionable lessons) why not cultivate a skill that is likely to improve your child’s discriminating nose as well as your rate of return. Haba’s Truffle Snuffle ($18.99)is a role-playing game of sorts, where the child (or shameless adult) straps on a simulated pig snout and assumes the job of truffle hog by sniffing out valuable truffles against a ticking clock.

If you are committed to developing your child’s palate, this may or may not be a playful detour from the hard road of cheese tastings and juice box pairings. However, on the off chance that this diversion might just cultivate a swine-like ability to uncover hundreds of dollars worth of mushrooms hiding just below the terra firma…well, it never hurts to dream big.
-Eric, Gastrodad Guest Contributor

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3 Responses to Fungi foraging for the family

  1. Jean says:

    What a howl! And I thought this [link=] piece[/link] on all things truffle was comprehensive — . Will have to notify the author write away.

  2. Crumbs says:

    “Cheese and juice box tastings” – that cracks me up!

  3. Lots more Haba food, games and other great toys available at

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