Market Report: Rivers Edge Chevre

Despite the unpredictable fluctuations on the kid food pickiness meter in our household, love of cheese remains a constant (in all forms: string cheese, mac and cheese, cheese crackers, and the occasional washed rind super stinky cheese; here we’re not picky). And with the arrival of Three Ring Farm goat cheeses at our farmer’s market, we all have cause to rejoice. We are united in our love of their Rivers Edge Up in Smoke fresh chevre croutin wrapped in a maple leaves spritzed with bourbon. If there’s such a thing as fresh smoke flavor, this cheese has it. Such intensity is a lovely counterpoint to the milky sweet fresh chevre. If you’re careful in unwrapping the maple leave so that it stays intact, it makes a cool organic looking platform for the cheese and is particularly hilarious to kids. We got ours at the Larchmont Village Farmer’s Market here in Los Angeles, and I’m told they have it at the original La Brea boulevard location of La Brea Bakery. You can also order online here (you gotta love a cheesemaker that has pictures of its goats on the website).

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