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Fungi foraging for the family

At $400 to $500 a pound, truffles are one of nature’s edible treasures. Rather than wasting your child’s time on board games like Life and Monopoly (both of which teach questionable lessons) why not cultivate a skill that is likely … Continue reading

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Mini Mixology: Pomegranate Ginger cocktails

Our pomegranate decoration on the fireplace mantle was starting to look a little weary, so I decided to get the remaining juice from the 6 or so pomegranates rather than waste them all. Juicing a pomegranate is a messy affair, … Continue reading

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Bittman’s Bitten Blog

Mark Bittman certainly has started his new blog, Bitten, with a bang. There’s some great recipes for Super Crunchy Fried Chicken (mmmm) and Italian-style Vegetable Pancakes, and I like the "What I ate last night" category. Given all the other … Continue reading

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