Spaghetti with Chop Sticks? Why Not?

We’ve been encouraging Dylan and Zelda to experiment with their "training wheels" chopsticks in recent weeks.

It’s tricky to master but both of them have been having a valiant go.

Last night, Jowa cooked a rather tasty pasta dish – wholewheat spaghetti with pine nuts, goats’ cheese and broccoli (I’ll post the recipe once I’ve dragged it out of her!). Dylan, who is now an expert at setting the table for family meals, immediately sought out the chopsticks for him and his sister.

And why not? After all that practice on rice and cellophane noodles why waste the talent when spaghetti is involved?

Admittedly the goats’ cheese sauce made things a bit slippery and those pine nuts had to be negotiated by hand but if they can master that dish then it might soon be time to take off those training wheels and let them loose with the real things.

- Matthew

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