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Easter Lamb Leftovers Tagine-Style

We cooked leg of lamb for Easter and we prepared it Jamie Oliver-style – stuffed with a pancetta, sage, garlic and rosemary paste. Cooked at 400 degree F for just over 90  minutes, the 7lb leg was great for both … Continue reading

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Kid’s Parties – A Mini Rant

What is it with kids food at hosted birthday parties? Dylan went to a party this weekend hosted at a local indoor adventure playground/jungle gym. The kids scamper around like crazy, climb through rope mazes and generally act like daredevils … Continue reading

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Whatever Floats Your Goat

Never let it be said that kids don’t love wasabi, truffles, or mold. At a recent gathering at our house, we served a platter of three types of goat cheese: Cypress Grove Truffle Tremor, a fresh chevre made with real … Continue reading

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Easy Salmon Spread Makes for an Affordable Bagel Feast

Our family has a serious smoked salmon habit. And not just any salmon. Nope, our kids have decided the store-bought farmed stuff just doesn’t cut it. Instead they crave the hand-sliced oak smoked salmon we get at our local farmers’ … Continue reading

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Market Report: Rue the Rhubarb

I risked bodily harm this weekend, riding my bike to the Hollywood farmer’s market in weird 80ish degree heat in search of rhubarb. People were bleary eyed, blinded by the sun, addled by the heat. The place was packed. I … Continue reading

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8 Is Enough (octopus legs, that is)

Regular gastrokid readers know we love Mark Bittman. You might also know that we love octopus, which I nominate to be candidate for next chicken of the sea. Bittman and Octopus come together in this excellent New York Times story … Continue reading

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A Breakfast Surprise

3 and half year old Desmond has turned out to be quite a sour puss, or acid freak, or tartist—however you prefer expressing a preference for all things acidic. I mean this in that vinegar drinking, sour lemon sucking, mustard … Continue reading

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Fish Tales – Teaching Your Five Year-Old to Look Out for Bones

We had mackerel this evening for dinner – three fish scored and braised in a soy, mirin, rice vinegar, garlic and ginger sauce. Rather than fillet the fish before cooking (a finicky process in the case of mackerel) I decided … Continue reading

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Easy Lunches – The DIY MTB

Saturday lunchtime can be a trying time – you don’t always want to eat out and yet you don’t want to repeat the same ol’ weekday soup and sandwich routine. This weekend I hit on way of having sandwiches without … Continue reading

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