8 Is Enough (octopus legs, that is)

Regular gastrokid readers know we love Mark Bittman. You might also know that we love octopus, which I nominate to be candidate for next chicken of the sea. Bittman and Octopus come together in this excellent New York Times story and even more excellent video of Bittman boiling up some pulpo, Galician style (basic recipe: simmer an octopus for an hour and a half then eat). We watched it with the kids earlier in the week, and they loved it (especially the slimy sucker and tentacle trimming scenes) and just might be sold. But they already are big fans of smoked paprika, which is the finishing touch to this tentacular spectacular feast.

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One Response to 8 Is Enough (octopus legs, that is)

  1. Colette says:

    Our 5 year old loves octopus. When we go to our favorite Sushi restaurant, she nibbles on the little suckers and also munches on Shrimp tempura, edamame and has now started trying parts of our sushi. Last week she requested a piece of nori and rice. I know that when I was 5, my Mom did not offer me these delicious things to eat!

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