A Breakfast Surprise

3 and half year old Desmond has turned out to be quite a sour puss, or acid freak, or tartist—however you prefer expressing a preference for all things acidic. I mean this in that vinegar drinking, sour lemon sucking, mustard sandwiches for breakfast sort of way. Yes, that’s right, he’s taken to requesting mustard sandwiches for breakfast. Not as his primary breakfast, mind you, but as a sort of breakfast dessert. The extreme reverse of savory followed by sweet. After his oatmeal and smoothie are gone, he’s taken to grabbing the yellow mustard, and giving it to me in the hopes of a last little acidic lift to the morning meal routine. The classic American hotdog variety stuff (not Dijon). Spread on bread. Nothing more. I tried a bite the other day and I have to admit it does have a sort of invigorating, eye-opening effect. I’m not about to ditch my 5 gallons of coffee start to the day, but I do indeed salute the power of sour.

Mustard Breakfast Sandwich
2 small slices of french bread
1 tablespoon yellow mustard

Build it.  Eat it. Start your day.


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2 Responses to A Breakfast Surprise

  1. cebova says:

    Have you thought of adding some acidic flavors to the smoothie? For a New Years buffet for our extended family I deviated from the typical chocolate fountain theme and made chocolate/chili sauce, caramel/jalapeno sauce and cinnamon shortbread crackers and rosemary shortbread crackers. I thought it might be a bit too adventurous but I found that our youngest attendees enjoyed the combinations much more than there less adventurous elders! Perhaps, a banana, mango and raosted red pepper smoothie, maybe a carrot based smoothie with pomegrante, chili pepper and plum tomatoes. It seems you have a burgeoning gormande! Just a thought.

  2. Crumbs says:

    My son and yours are kindred spirits. All I need to do is pour Balsamic vinegar on a food and the 3 year old will eat it. Now I must try mustard sandwiches!

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