Easy Lunches – The DIY MTB

Saturday lunchtime can be a trying time – you don’t always want to eat out and yet you don’t want to repeat the same ol’ weekday soup and sandwich routine.

This weekend I hit on way of having sandwiches without it feeling boring. Let me introduce the make your own fresh MTB (mozzarella, tomato and basil) baguette.


A coincidence of culinary planets coming into alignment made this possible. First, we had fresh mozzarella in the fridge along with a new bunch of aromatic basil and some cherry tomatoes. Next, our local deli had freshly baked crusty baguettes.

Finally, both Dylan and Zelda agreed that the proposed lunch was a good idea.

Given the vagueries of who will eat what and in what combination on any given day, I simply tore the baguette up into sandwich-style portions, offered a choice of mayo or olive oil and balsamic vinegar and then let em make their own MTB.

Minimum argument and maximum satisfaction – just what you need to start the weekend.

- Matthew


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