Easy Salmon Spread Makes for an Affordable Bagel Feast

Our family has a serious smoked salmon habit. And not just any salmon. Nope, our kids have decided the store-bought farmed stuff just doesn’t cut it. Instead they crave the hand-sliced oak smoked salmon we get at our local farmers’ market here in Cardiff.

It’s something we didn’t have to work hard to cultivate (kids love the saltiness of smoked salmon) and I certainly admire their good taste but boy does it put a dent in the weekly food budget when you’ve got a five and two-year old demolishing a pack of top-grade smoked yumminess on a weekly basis.

So, in order to keep the budget in check I’ve sold them on the tastes of homemade, chunky smoked salmon spread. The oak-smoked variety is great but I’ve found hot-cured cut of fish is even better – something about slightly peppery taste works really well with the cream cheese I mix it with.

The spread is that simple – take about 2 oz of smoked salmon, tear the fish into little strips and then stir into three-quarters of a regular “slab” of Philly cream cheese.

Serve with bagels or on toasted sourdough bread. A taste of salmon heaven at half the price.

- Matthew

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2 Responses to Easy Salmon Spread Makes for an Affordable Bagel Feast

  1. Susanova says:

    That’s brilliant! I have a piece of hot-smoked fish that I got in a Christmas gift basket, and I’ve been wondering what to do with it. It seemed rude to attempt to eat it by myself. This is an excellent solution.

  2. sarafina says:

    I’ve made a similar discovery. My local grocer slices their own cold smoked salmon for lox and sell the less attractive trim at about half the price. Blended into anything it doesn’t matter what it looked like to start.

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