Kid’s Parties – A Mini Rant

What is it with kids food at hosted birthday parties?

Dylan went to a party this weekend hosted at a local indoor adventure playground/jungle gym. The kids scamper around like crazy, climb through rope mazes and generally act like daredevils for an hour until the birthday "lunch" is served.

Nevermind no vegetables or fruit in sight…..this "spread" barely offered up any protein (a single hot dog). The owners have their food budget down to a fine art apparently because each child was served four (count em) Pringles to accompany their hot dog.

The only food of colour on their plates was the three servings of candy, cake and ice-cream all washed down with equally sugary drinks.

Of course all our kids love playing in these gyms (and of course they think three sugar courses is great too!) but surely places catering to kids should make a better effort no?. All my friend Ed and I could do was look on in horror at the sugar rush playing out in front of us.

Let the campaign for decent kid’s food at organised parties begin. Now where’s that extra cake from the party bag?

- Matthew

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2 Responses to Kid’s Parties – A Mini Rant

  1. Angela says:

    If you live in the SF/Bay Area, Safari Run is a great place to go. Kids love it and they only have 2 party food options to order in and both are relatively healthy to accommodate all palates. They don’t serve any candy and you bring in your own cake/cupcakes so you can make sure if they’re going to taste good that you approve who’s providing them.

  2. Jill says:

    My favorite kind of kids’ party is a cooking party. I used to throw them professionally. My favorite is a Grow It, Cook It party (about food and sustainability). In my opinion, a party needs: an activity, food and a take home treat. The activity is cooking something fun and yummy from scratch (pizza, pasta, etc), eating it, and then taking home a grow kit or little plant to keep growing it (basil, tomatoes, beans, etc.) Kids LOVE this. You can make planting seeds your activity–then just eat something that contains that fruit, veg or herb.

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