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Wine in a baby bottle

Does wine really taste better in baby bottle? This Parisian restaurant thinks so and is succeeding in sending plenty of adults back to the teat. Bet the conversation regresses after a few bottles as well. – Matthew

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Gastrokid column on Williams-Sonoma

The latest Gastrokid column for Williams-Sonoma kids is now live. We’re playing with kiddie cocktails for Spring. Check it out. – Matthew

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Chorizo scrambled egg breakfast burrito

This thrown-together breakfast burrito (is there any other type?) inhabits the same spiritual home as Hugh’s eggs de la vera but I use Spanish chorizo to deliver the spicy pimentonny kick. Dice four half-inch slices of Spanish chorizo and set … Continue reading

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Holiday Family Meal – Bacalao con salsa tomate y cebolla

That’s salted cod with tomatoes and onions. This was the last meal of the vacation and I’d been saving the cod that I scored earlier in the week at Pollenca’s Sunday market. The man selling it cut it off in … Continue reading

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European ban for six food additives?

This just in: The UK’ Foods Standard Agency has called for a European-wide ban on six artificial food colourings: The FSA wants the European Union to enact legislation to ban the e number additives and, in the meantime, has advocated … Continue reading

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The End of Mushy Peas?

So says the Daily Telegraph in its story about the UK’s "Food Standards Agency is meeting to consider whether it should tell food manufacturers to strip the additives from fizzy drinks, sweets and processed foods." As we wrote earlier this … Continue reading

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Pollensa Traditional Market – Artichokes, Lettuce, Bacalao and Snails

Yep, snails…….live snails, sliming their way around a large wooden vat. Dylan, along with a bunch of other young vacationing kids, happily picked them up and played with the snails but wasn’t so keen on the idea of cooking them. … Continue reading

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Artificial colouring E-Numbers as harmful as leaded gas for children – report

There’s a headline to make you choke on your morning cornflakes. It refers to a new study undertaken for the UK’s Food Standards Agency (FSA) study by Southampton University,which suggests "seven colourings, including tartrazine and sunset yellow, could affect children’s … Continue reading

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Spanish Vacation-Inspired Recipes: Chicken and Cilantro with Pimento Potatoes

We’ve been back in Mallorca for the last week enjoying some great local food while also attempting to cook some authentic Spanish fare ourselves. My first effort was chicken breasts pan-fried and lightly braised in a semi-sparkling local Mallorcan white … Continue reading

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