Chorizo scrambled egg breakfast burrito

This thrown-together breakfast burrito (is there any other type?) inhabits the same spiritual home as Hugh’s eggs de la vera but I use Spanish chorizo to deliver the spicy pimentonny kick.

Dice four half-inch slices of Spanish chorizo and set aside.

Beat three eggs with a drop of milk and add to your warm but not hot non-stick skillet. Slowly raise the heat and just as the eggs are thickening add the chorizo. This will release the oils and infuse the eggs.

Cook until eggs are scrambled to your liking and serve in a warmed tortilla with sliced tomato and a sprig of fresh cilantro.

My kids had already eaten breakfast when I threw this together and I had to fight them off me and barricade myself in my office so they wouldn’t mug me for it!

- Matthew

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2 Responses to Chorizo scrambled egg breakfast burrito

  1. Trisha says:

    Where do you buy spanish chorizo? i’ve looked for it a few times, but i’ve only been able to find the mexican type in my supermarket.
    fyi – tried to send this to but your server thought i was spam??
    : does not like recipient.
    Remote host said: 550-JunkMail rejected – [] is in
    550 an RBL, see
    Giving up on

  2. matthew says:

    Hi Trisha,
    Here is a site where you can buy it.
    I added this link to the post as well.
    For years there was a ban on spanish pork products being imported into the US but that has been lifted in recent years. BTW, you can use Mexican chorizo – the difference is that it has more oil and the meat crumbles in the pan. I’ve had eggs and Mexican chorizo in a Tex-mex diner south of Houston and it was fantastic!

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