European ban for six food additives?

This just in:

The UK’ Foods Standard Agency has called for a European-wide ban on six artificial food colourings:

The FSA wants the European Union to enact legislation to ban the e number additives and, in the meantime, has advocated that food manufacturers stop using the additives voluntarily.

Here’s what the FSA says should be banned:

Sunset yellow (E110) – Colouring found in squashes
Carmoisine (E122) – Red colouring in jellies
Tartrazine (E102) – New colouring in lollies, fizzy drinks
Ponceau 4R (E124) – Red colouring
Quinoline yellow (E104) – Food colouring
Allura red AC (E129) – Orange/red food dye
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4 Responses to European ban for six food additives?

  1. malika says:

    Will you please post the US translations for these ingredients, if you know them? (e.g. FD&C Red #10) Thanks–

  2. matthew says:

    Hi malika,
    Haven’t found the US equivalents as yet but will search around and post when I do.

  3. Susanova says:

    OK, the light bulb just went on as I realized that by ‘squash’ you meant fruit soda!

  4. Great news! In Australia, after years of declaring these 6 additives as safe, Nestle have bowed to public pressure and are removing these additives from Smarties. It’s good to see a large corporation doing what’s right rather than what they can legally get away with.

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