Pollensa Traditional Market – Artichokes, Lettuce, Bacalao and Snails

Yep, snails…….live snails, sliming their way around a large wooden vat. Dylan, along with a bunch of other young vacationing kids, happily picked them up and played with the snails but wasn’t so keen on the idea of cooking them.

White wine, lots of herbs and garlic was the cookig tip of the old man selling the caracoles. But with no-one in the family seeming that keen on experimenting I moved onto other quarries.

The Pollensa market offered a bit of everything and we scored some great artichokes which we steamed and served with a olive oil, garlic and balsamic dip as an accompaniment with grilled pork chops and rice.


Just as we were leaving the market I found a guy selling salt cod – bacalao. I picked up two whole fillets that he cut into chunks and headed home to soak and prepare for a feast. More of that meal later.

- Matthew

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