30 for 30: Cookie Proves Its Smarts

Things have been a bit crazy at Gastrokid HQ recently (cookbook deadline, day job, that sort of thing), which explains the dearth of posts from, well, me (Matthew, the good man, has been more prolific; you, dear readers, have been doing a lovely job with the community, videos, and the like). That said, I’m catching up.

The first belated shout out goes to my friend Jenny Rostentrach, over at Cookie Magazine (even if I didn’t write for them now and again I’d still say this: this magazine rocks!!!). Jenny recently undertook an incredible experiment feeding her family the best food possible over a month, no repeats (good luck, Chuck). It turned into the story “30 Meals in 30 Days” in which she attempts to break the dinner rut (chicken cutlets, pizza, shrimp, hamburgers) and, dog-gone-it (sp???) succeeds. I’m flattered that she included my fish stew (that’s day 22 in the story), along with 30 other yummy sounding recipes. Read the article. Steal some ideas. Subscribe.

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