Eating Flowers for Lunch


Our son has been growing nasturtiums as part of our Gastrokid garden and finally the flowers came into bloom.

As soon as he saw them he wanted to take them to school so what better way than as an accompaniment to lunch? Nasturtiums it turns out make a great addition to salad and can even add a peppery zest to soups.

Here’s the elegant and tasty flowers before they went to school (along with some strawberries but that’s another story). Of course when we opened his lunch box at the end of the day they were still there – he’d forgotten to eat them after all.

- Matthew

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  1. Ali B. says:

    Nothing makes salads more appetizing to my kids than adding fresh flowers. Nasturtiums, chive blossoms, bee balm…we’ve got ‘em all growing outside the kitchen these days. Found you via Culinate. Nice blog.

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