Snowbunny Slays Pinkberry


Can we rewind and start the froyo wars again? Can we pit Snowbunny against Pinkberry? If we could, my money would be on Snowbunny (312 Center St Healdsburg, CA 707-431-7669). On a recent road trip to Sonoma county to see friends, we stopped at this newish frozen yogurt spot on the town square in Healdsburg that has taken the Pinkberry formula to more sustainable, tastier, and tasteful heights. The design is simple, soothing, and charming (to me, Pinkberry’s dayglo garish pseudo modern interior design makes a burger king’s look like the height of minimalism). They eschew disposable packaging for stay orders, serving up the yogurt in chunky ceramic bowls and water in pint glasses. To-go orders are packaged up biodegradably. They offer free wi-fi. They allow photography.


The frozen yogurt has all of the tartness of Pinkberry but is made with local Straus and Clover farms organic yogurt and is even more luscious and creamy. The fresh fruit is locally sourced when possible. And in addition to offering the usual yummy fruit and nuts and chocolate, they dish up an unexpected sweet-savory combination that was beloved by adults and kids alike: vanilla yogurt with fruity extra virgin olive oil and fleur de sel (in the photo, it’s the one on the bottom right with the biodegradable spoon in it).

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3 Responses to Snowbunny Slays Pinkberry

  1. Crumbs says:

    Wait – did you just eat oil and salt flavored yogurt?

  2. Hugh says:

    yep. I had the vanilla yogurt drizzled with olive oil and sprinkled with salt. the rest of the fam ordered other more trad combos like:
    tart yogurt with raspberry
    vanilla with blueberry
    chocolate with coconut and almonds

  3. I just found this place this weekend after wine tasting. It is far better than pinkberry! It was creamy and delicious. Their toppings were yummy. We got caramel and raspberry were great. Plus their chocolate is just the right amount of chocolate, not too intense but more flavorful than regular soft serve. Love the snowbunny!!!

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