Spinach on the Grill

I’m in this family limbo at present – each year my family heads off for a few weeks to visit the in-laws in the U.S. and I am left to forage alone.

I use the time to experiment in the kitchen with spicy recipes my kids wouldn’t fathom and to try wacky culinary short cuts.


Last night I wanted to cook a veg medley including zucchini, thinly sliced new potatoes, asparagus and fresh spinach as an accompaniment to some garlic and red chilli pepper sauted shrimp but I didn’t want to mess around with multiple pans.

Enter the gas grill, all the veg (bar the spinach) coated in olive oil and black pepper and a placed in a handy "won’t fall through the gaps of the grill" non stick tray (a bit like this one from Fire Magic). After five minutes the veg was cooked and then I threw in the spinach for another minute.

The result – near instant tasty grilled veg and just the one tray to clean.

- matthew

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