When leftovers mean frittata

There’s a whole book that could be written about creative leftovers (note to selves) but here’s one of the more natural food transitions.

When we Gastrodads were kids there came many a warning that if you didn’t eat your dinner it would be served up again for breakfast. Back then the concept sounded horrific but now it sounds downright enticing.

Take the grilled zucchini, broccoli and potato that helped drive the grillfest the night before. They brim with breakfast possibilities and not just because they’ve been cooked already cutting down on morning prep.

Chop the veg up into bite-sized pieces, add to a four or five egg omelet mixture in a 12 inch saute pan and add a fist-full of grated cheddar as it cooks. Finish off in the oven to ensure an even heat throughout the frittata and then serve with buttered toast.

The Gastrokids will devour these leftovers without ever noticing that a, they are eating veg and b, it’s the same veg they ate last night.

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2 Responses to When leftovers mean frittata

  1. malika says:

    It’s not just about creative leftovers, but planned leftovers. We always make extra vegetables for dinner – and if they don’t show up in a frittata, then they get used for an open-face sandwich – toasted with cheese under the broiler.

  2. Joe Horn says:

    Hello, Love the blog. I just made some spinach and cheese frittata and thought you might be interested. Come check it out when you have the time.

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