Breakfast on a Toothpick

ShortstackI was down to the last 1/4 cup of pancake batter the other day, and needed to come up with some clever way of splitting it up and making it satisfying to the kids. Using a sugar spoon, i measured out the last of the batter. Before divying up the for the kids—who were totally charmed by the miniature pancakes and didn’t realize they were getting virtually no food—I wanted to see what a stack of mini pancakes would look like as a passed appetizer. Not half bad. Think of the possibilities of breakfast on a toothpick: hard boiled quail eggs, cubed pork belly, french toast croutons….


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2 Responses to Breakfast on a Toothpick

  1. Paige says:

    That is absurdly cute. Were your ears ringing yesterday? I was hanging out with Jennifer Baum and we were singing your praises….

  2. Hell, with a portion size that small you could call pork belly healthy.

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