Farmer’s Market Report: Corn Again

CornysaladSmack dab in the middle of August means it’s smack dab in the middle of corn season, with the vegetable being fresher, more tender, and sweeter than it will be the rest of the year. Take advantage. The sweetness can be used to entice otherwise salad-averse children to gobble up their greens in search of those kernels that tend to dodge fork tines. Grill corn and it gets a caramely character. A bit of feta or parmesan and some cherry tomatoes on the salad play both with and against the sweetness and makes one of our favorite easy summer salads. Keep in mind this corn buying tip in hot weather: heat cooks the sugars out of the corn, so be sure to keep your farmer’s market haul in the shade and get it into a cool house as fast as you can and use it up early in the week.

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