Quick Cactus Limeade


I’m not one to usually substitute one thing for another unless for
health reasons. I say: let tofu be tofu, but never call it a
hamburger.  And let sugar be suagar. So this whole
agave-nectar-as-sugar substitute thing never interested me (glycemic
inedixes aside). Until the other day when my acid-loving son asked for
limeade and I made it way too tart. I was about to whip up some simple
syrup to sweeten it (only a fool tries to dissolve granulated sugar in
ice-cold liquid) when I saw a bottle of agave nectar in the cupboard
(my wife bought it for some reason i still don’t know). A squeeze of
the stuff and my son’s limeade was perfectly balanced. And he loved the
idea that he was basically drinking cactus juice.

Quick Cactus Limeade

2 cups water
the juice of 6 Mexican or key limes
2 tablespoons agave nectar (or more or less to taste)

Stir it. Ice it. Drink it.


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One Response to Quick Cactus Limeade

  1. Mom101 says:

    I LOVE this.
    And I’m so glad to find someone else who hates poseur tofu, pretending to be something it’s not. We can’t all be a rib-eye now, can we, and sometimes we just have to be satisfied with our lot in life and make it work the best we can.

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