Red Curry Chicken + Arugula and Cilantro

Here’s another dispatch from the temporarily single Gastrodad….

So here we are – wife and kids away visiting family and that leaves me to experiment and cook solo. It can be fun but it can also be a tad tedious so by design I try and cut a few corners here and there. My thinking is that if these shortcuts work then they can be implemented to cut down on cooking time during frenetic family meal prep.


(Gastrodad experiment with glass of wine to celebrate experimenation)

Today’s crazy idea. Cook a quick Thai red curry with chicken but make it sort-of-like a massaman by adding potatoes (hence reducing the need to cook rice!). But to take it to another level I want to use some crisp arugula I have and some cilantro.

The result? The peppery arugula mixed with the fragrant cilantro (a regular accompaniment to my Thai curries) holds up well against the curry. In fact it adds some more bite.

I may yet try it out on the kids and pass it off as spinach!

- Matthew


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