Expensive seafood tastes in two-year olds

We’ve just returned from the South of France – la couer of fine seafood eating no less.

The adults thrived on great oysters and mussels from the Languedoc’s Bassin du Thau. Our youngest, Zelda, developed a penchant for large crevettes – or langoustines as we normally call them.


One lunchtime in Mezes (a fantastic little inland port on the Bassin du Thau) she nailed three of the beauties plus half a portion of calamari a la Romana.

Daughters and expensive (if good) tastes – I guess they go hand-in-hand.

- Matthew

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One Response to Expensive seafood tastes in two-year olds

  1. P says:

    My father always says “Daughters are expensive hobbies.” I respond that its his fault I, too, have a penchant for expensive seafood (and good champagne, and long lazy dinner parties, and….)!

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