Giving a Fig


Living in Los Angeles, mention to someone that you’re cooking with figs and they’ll likely tell you to come and clean their backyard, which might just be lousy with the things, rotting on the ground, being eaten by birds, squirrels, and worse. I’m not so lucky (I’ve got a persimmon tree and am happy to trade you anything for my least favorite fruit), so have been spending a few bucks here and there at the farmer’s market and making the most of fig season. Here are three of my recent favorite fig dishes, each and every one of them a 15 minute bruschetta that were the result of whatever I had in my fridge:

figs, prosciutto, fresh thyme, feta, drizzled lightly with olive oil, and spritzed with lemon.
figs, sopressata, thyme, balsamic, honey, black pepper, humboldt fog (broil this)
figs, prosciutto, heirloom tomatoes, fresh oregano, humboldt fog (broil this one too)



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  1. mod*mom says:

    i couldn’t get my daughter to try these though, so i’d eat them all

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