Who Can Save the School Lunch?

Here’s an interesting snippet from a story today about new school lunch policies being adopted in England.

First up, new standards be implemented to specify the maximum (fat, saturated fat, sugar, salt) and minimum (carbohydrate, protein, fibre, vitamin A, vitamin C, folate, calcium, iron, zinc) nutrient value of an average school lunch.

But perhaps more radical the UK government aims to change the culture of how kids eat at school. According to the Guardian, the government’s research "suggests that children who eat healthy lunches at primary school stop when they go to senior school – put off by long queues, unpopular menus or having to eat in the same room as teenagers six or seven years older."

It’s solution? "Staggering breaks or letting pupils pre-book lunches online to cut queues; younger children eating separately from older pupils; replacing plastic compartmentalised food trays with proper china and cutlery; and involving young people in drawing up menus".

All good ideas but will it be enough to overcome the allure of eating outside the school gates asks the Guardian?

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