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Brown Butter and Rosemary Gingerbread Pan Cookies: or, Impatience Is a Virtue

The baking of Christmas cookies, particularly gingerbread men, presents certain hurdles: the magical few minutes when the dough is cool enough to hold its shape, yet warm enough to be yielding to the creative efforts of the young; the infinite … Continue reading

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Cake Pan Gift Ideas

Tis the time to make Xmas cookies and cakes but why restrict yourself just to this festive period? This cast-aluminum pan, non-stick molded cake pan from Williams-Sonoma kids range bakes six individual gift-shaped cakes that are perfect for liday gatherings, birthday parties and even … Continue reading

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Gone Guttenberg

(the printing press guy, not the police academy guy) Excuse the lofty-cheesy sounding way of saying that refinin the forthcoming Gastrokid Cookbook (Wiley, mid 09) is my excuse for my dearth of posts in recent months (Matthew: thanks for your … Continue reading

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