Gone Guttenberg

(the printing press guy, not the police academy guy) Excuse the lofty-cheesy sounding way of saying that refinin the forthcoming Gastrokid Cookbook (Wiley, mid 09) is my excuse for my dearth of posts in recent months (Matthew: thanks for your comparatively prolific involvement in the site). Lest you think the burners have gone cold in the kitchen of GK LA HQ, here are few photos and teasers of upcoming recipes and ideas.


Topping olive oil-toasted panzanella with cage free fried eggs and a bit of pimenton de la vera to make a meal

Trying to recreate the 4. am lower east side lamejun of our not quite wasted youth in NY (but this time with bison! and this time at 6:30 pm! and this time only halfway into a 2nd glass of wine than a 12th cocktail!)

Sauteeing pears and serving them with chopped pancetta and thyme-y ricotta for sweet-savory bruschetta

Putting sage on anything and everything, including thick cut bone in pork chops


Cutting pie crust into christmas cookie shapes

Trying to figure out what to do with our bumper crop of backyard persimmons (quick ice cream sauce, snack, salad component, cheese plate counterpoint…)


Perfecting homemade mac and cheese
Having the ocassional party where the kids eat all the humboldt fog and la quercia domestic prosciutto white the adults are distracted by their campari and white wine cocktails

Detailed recipes and stories and tricks and much more to come

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One Response to Gone Guttenberg

  1. Ooooh! That persimmon photo is ART!
    And if my kids ate all my Humboldt Fog, they know I’d put them both up for adoption the next day…
    Bad enough when the girl eats all the olive batard.
    Can’t wait for the book!

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